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    Who can apply for a Sri Lankan passport ? :

    Sri Lankan Nationals (citizens by decent or registration) living in Brazil or countries accredited this Mission. (i.e. Argentina, Suriname, Colombia, Peru and Chile)

    Important : Those who have obtained citizenship in other countries cannot apply for Sri Lankan passports unless they have obtained dual citizenship. (For further details regarding dual citizenship please visit : http://www.immigration.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146&Itemid=185&lang=en)

    How to apply :

    Applicants should submit the originals of the following documents together with the duly filled application form. (Originals will be returned after due verification)

    • All applicants irrespective of age should use passport Application Form K 35 (Click here)
    • Current Passport (If the passport is lost, a Police report obtained from the local Police station should be submitted along with its English Translation a copy of the lost passport)
    • Three Colour photographs with light blue background in size 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm (forehead & both ears should be exposed)
    • Birth Certificate (translations are not accepted)
    • If the applicant was born outside of Sri Lanka, the Citizenship Certificate or the payment receipt issued for the same and the Consular Birth Certificate
    • If the applicant is underage (16 years), a letter of consent from both parents.
    • Marriage certificate where necessary (To confirm the name after marriage)
    • A letter, professional certificate or license where necessary to confirm applicant’s profession (if previous professional status has been changed)
    • Please note that after 10th August 2015 children are not included in parents’ passports and separate passports must be obtained for them.
    • Although there is no specific age limit set for children to require themselves to sign in the application, it is advised to get the signature of the child (exa:- write one of his/her names) in the appropriate cage of signature. One of the Parents may sign on behalf of a child who is too young to be able to sign.
    • Download request to issue a separate passport to a child (Click here)
    • Download request to delete inclusion of a child. (Click here)
    • Download a stolen or lost passport complaint form.(Click Here)

    Important : Applicants who receive passports through this Mission after 10th August 2015 should provide fingerprints on their first arrival in Sri Lanka at the head office or any of the regional offices of the Department Immigration & Emigration

    Note : Applicants may send the documents in courier mail to reach this Embassy or come in person to submit the documents.

    Fees Relating to Regular Passports :




    If a previous N or M series passport is submitted



    If either a J, K or L series expired passport or a copy of its data page or a passport number of a previous N or M series passport is submitted



    If no copy of the data page or number of an N or M series passport is submitted (J, K or L series passport numbers or data page copies would not be counted)




    A Temporary passport will be issued by this Mission in lieu of a lost/stolen/missing Sri Lankan passport to travel back to Sri Lanka only.

    Documents Required:

    • Duly filled passport application form Form K 35 (Click Here)
    • Three Colour photographs with light blue background in size 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm (forehead & both ears should be exposed)
    • A police report obtained from the local police station with its English Translation
    • A written statement from the applicant regarding the loss of passport
    • Duly filled “Stolen or Lost Passport Complaint Form” (Click here)
    • A Copy of the bio data page of the lost passport (If this is not available please indicate the lost passport number)
    • Birth Certificate original with a copy and
    • A copy of the Sri Lanka National Identity Card if available

    Fees Relating Temporary Passports :




    To issue a gap stop NMRP (while a passport application is pending)



    If a valid expired passport is submitted



    If the previous travel document is lost




    i. Inclusion of a child's name in parent's passport

    Children below 16 years of age will hereafter not be included in the Passports of their parents and separate passports must be obtained for them. However, they are required to provide finger prints only upon reaching the age of age 16 years.

    ii. Inclusion and Deletion of Endorsements

    Documents Required:

    • Duly filled Form O application (Click here)
    • Current Passport
    • Relevant authenticated documents (exa:- If change of name after marriage, the marriage certificate is required)

    Fees Relating to Amendments to Passport Details:




    Endorsements/ Amendments



    Extension of Validity (per year)




    • Passport reported lost or stolen can no longer be used for travel. The details of cancellation will be automatically shared worldwide to avoid misuse. Never use the lost or stolen passport again, even you find it later, after making a complaint. You are strongly advised to obtain a new passport immediately to avoid inconvenience.
    • Make a complaint to your local police station in the country of residence and obtain a Police report.
    • Download a stolen or lost passport complaint form. (http://www.immigration.gov.lk/web/images/stories/pdf/form/sltd/complaint_form%20_stolen_and_lost_sri%20lankan_passport.pdf)
    • Submit the duly filled complaint form together with Police report to the nearest Sri Lanka Diplomatic or Consular office.
    • This Embassy shall transmit to the Immigration Department in Sri Lanka the details of stolen or lost passports. Upon receipt of such information, they will take necessary measures to cancel the stolen, lost or missing passports.


Embassy of Sri Lanka
SHIS QI 26, Conjunto 11, Casa 18
Lago Sul, Brasília – DF, Brazil
CEP: 716.70-110
CNPJ: 04.766.273.0001.00

00556135413481 / 00556135413488

Fax :

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